What To Expect At Your First Visit To A Chiropractor

Gregory Thomaier DC CCSP, St. James Chiropractor

Upon entering a Suffolk County chiropractic office for your first visit, you will typically be requested to fill out an initial intake form.  This form is intended to provide the office with your complete health history and description of your present condition.

After your forms have been completed, you will have a consultation with the treating chiropractor.  At that time the chiropractor will discuss your health related issues and you will be able to address any of your concerns and expectations.

After getting an understanding of your health issues the chiropractor will then perform an examination specific to your present condition.  This exam will document your physical findings, range of motion limitations, postural assessment, sensory and reflex testing as well as orthopedic and neurological testing.  Based on these findings the chiropractor will formulate a treatment plan and may, if necessary, recommend further diagnostic testing to get a better understanding of your current condition.

Depending on your specific situation, your Suffolk County chiropractor may initiate a treatment at this time.  If so, this treatment typically is very conservative and addresses the acute symptoms with some form of a modality.  The modality can be, but not limited to, ice, heat, electric stimulation, cold laser or ultrasound.

Once all exam findings and diagnostic testing have been reviewed the chiropractor will give a detailed report of their findings.  At that time questions regarding how chiropractic can help, the frequency of treatment and the cost of treatment is addressed.   Typically, it is after this point that the chiropractic adjustment may be implemented in your treatment.  Every patient presents differently and there are many forms of chiropractic manipulation.  Your chiropractor will decide and discuss the correct form that best meet your needs.

In preparing for your first visit at a Suffolk County chiropractic office,  patient gowns are typically available but wearing loose fitting clothing may be of a benefit.

Gregory Thomaier DC CCSP,  is a Chiropractor based out of St. James, New York

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