How Do I Prevent Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can be uncomfortable, making day-to-day tasks difficult. Because lower back pain is so prevalent, an important way to avoid it is through proactivity.  Prescription Chiropractic is a collaboration of chiropractors in Suffolk County, New York serving a wide variety of communities throughout the area. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Huntington that offers treatment options for low back pain, look no further than our directory. Dr. David Rogers is a chiropractor on our directory that provides a wide variety of chiropractic services. In addition to treating your low back pain, our Suffolk County chiropractors can help prevent low back pain through a wide variety of recommended practices and in-office services.


Some tips for those wondering how to prevent low back pain?

  • Exercise: by working out your back and exercising regularly, it will help to keep your lower back healthy as well as keep your muscles engaged. Because your back is connected to your entire body, your overall body strength is important to your spine’s health. Exercises like yoga can be helpful in strengthening your body. Yoga can also reduce stress which will help reduce body inflammation.
  • Eating healthy is important as your body functions best when properly fueled. Excess weight can also put stress on your entire body including your lower back, so maintaining proper weight is helpful in preventing low back pain.
  • Posture, when sitting, standing, and lying down is important for overall spine health.  


The question on how to prevent low back pain is one that many people ask. Low back pain is something that can be avoided if you follow the proper prevention techniques. If you are suffering from back pain or are concerned you are at risk for chronic pain in the future, scheduling a visit with a chiropractor in Huntington or a chiropractor in Suffolk County is a great first step. Our directory of chiropractors in Suffolk County can help you prevent lower back pain by giving you prevention techniques and strategies to help you stay pain-free. Call us at 631-994-1977 to find a chiropractor near you today!


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