New Treatment Guidelines from the ACP for Lower Back Pain


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Lower back pain is the leading cause of global disability, and 25% of the US population has experienced back pain in the past 3 months. 31 million Americans have had lower back pain at some point in their lives, and back pain is one of the leading causes of visits to the doctor.

The American College of Physicians now recommends an evidenced based clinical guideline for the treatment of lower back pain.  The guidelines were published in the latest edition of the Annals of Internal Medicine (2/20/17). The new guidelines were based on a review of random controlled clinical trials published in medical journals. Physicians were advised to recommend to patients with acute or subacute low back pain; non-pharmacologic therapies such as heat, spinal manipulation, massage, and acupuncture. If medication is desired it should consist of NSAID’s and muscle relaxers only. Opioid prescriptions should be avoided, and considered the last choice for those patients unresponsive to the above-noted therapies, as they are associated with substantial harm and the risk of addiction. In patients with chronic lower back pain, the new guideline stated that physicians should recommend non-drug therapies such as exercise, spinal manipulation, physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Acupuncture.

It should be noted that many Chiropractic offices affiliated with ‘Prescription Chiropractic’ offer many of these non-pharmacologic therapies to their patients.

The American Chiropractic Association has applauded the new treatment guidelines published by the American College of Physicians (ACP). “The Chiropractic profession has long advocated for doctors and patients to use a more conservative approach to treating low back pain”, said ACA president David Herd DC. “These new guidelines by the ACP support a growing body of research as well as increasing recognition in the health care community regarding the value and effectiveness of non-drug approaches such as chiropractic spinal manipulation, for acute and chronic lower back pain.

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