May is National Posture Month

Dr. David BenEliyahu

Coram-Selden Chiropractic

Selden, NY

There is no perfect posture. Good posture is more than just standing or sitting straight, as it encompasses strengthening core muscles and developing better body balance.

Sitting has become the new smoking in today’s times, as we all sit for very long times. The human body is designed to move, not sit for prolonged periods in a folded and cramped position. for hours. 65 million people suffer from back pain every year.  Posture related back problems are the number three reason for visits to a doctor.

Check your posture:

Look into a mirror and answer these questions….

Is my head centered over your feet?

Are my shoulders level?

Are my arms evenly spaced from your body?

Do my thumbs face forward?

Can I draw a straight line from the center of my feet to my nose?

Quick Posture Fixes

1) Standing

  When standing, keep a soft bend in your knees, balancing on both feet, and shift subtly from side to side, forward and backward. The body needs to move

2) Driving

   Your seat is probably too far back. Angle your car seat vertically so you sit taller, and adjust the rearview mirror so you must sit up to see through it

3) Carrying Bags

   Keep the weight close to your body, If you have two bags carry one on each side to keep your body balanced.


  Do not lie on your stomach. Side or back sleeping is best.

5) What to do if you have a desk job…

   a) Sit for 20 minutes. Practice good seated posture, sitting tall, place a pillow behind your back, and consider putting your feet up on a stool

6) Stand for 8 minutes. Adjust your computer to eye level, or do on-screen work. Wear flat shoes and do not stay still

   c) Walk for 2 minutes

Suffolk County Chiropractors are experts in analyzing your posture, how it affects your health, and what to do make your posture and body balance stronger.

See how our coalition of providers can help your posture today!

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