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We accept most major medical insurance plans. Please call us to see if we accept yours.

Office Hours

Monday 9:30-1pm – 3-8pm
Tuesday 10:00am  – 2:00pm
Wednesday 9:30-1pm – 3-8pm
Thursday Closed     – Closed
Friday 9:30-1pm – 4-7pm
Saturday 10-12pm  – Closed
Sunday Closed     – Closed

Dr. Gregory Papadopoulos

Dr. Gregory Papadopoulos and his practice, Suffolk County Chiropractic, has been serving Long Islanders and helping them get back to full health. While Dr. Gregory certainly will treat any pain you feel, he’s also devoted to reducing the risk of pain all together and preventing future injuries from occurring.

Dr. Gregory’s practice allows his patients a full process for recovery, without struggling with prescription medications or invasive surgery. With a major focus on strengthening the body and preventing future injuries, Dr. Gregory and the staff at Suffolk County Chiropractic can help all types of people cope with any experienced discomfort.

Because every patient has different needs and focuses, Dr. Gregory specializes a plan tailored to individual goals and demands. Few places have the care and focus that Dr. Gregory’s practice has, and his dedication to his patients is what sets him apart from other practices.