First, Do No Harm, Primum non nocere

Dr. Michael S. Horney DC is an East Setauket Chiropractor 

Okay, so you go to your chiropractor’s office. What do they do?

They take a thorough history, they listen to you, and they talk with you. They want to understand what brings you to the office. They want to make sure Chiropractic Care is the most appropriate treatment for the symptoms you have.

First, do no harm that is our guiding principle. Do you have any “red flags”, fever, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, changes in your bowel or bladder habits, night sweats, an inability to make your symptoms better or worse with movement or changing positions and so on? These “red flags” may signal a condition that warrants a medical or surgical approach.

After listening to you we will go through a thorough examination which includes but is not limited to the range of motion of the spinal and extremity joints, reflexes, neurologic and orthopedic testing, palpitation. We may order imaging studies such as x-rays or MRI’s. We may order lab work. We literally will examine you from head to toe to confirm what you essentially told us in the initial history if we listened well and asked the right questions.

Fortunately, in my 36 years of practice as a chiropractor, most patients who come to see me are appropriate patients for chiropractic care. Sometimes we may co-manage a patient with their primary care physician or orthopedist or neurologist. I have had a few patients in throughout my career though who come to me thinking it was a chiropractic problem and after listening and examining them it turned out to be the beginning stages of a stroke, a cancerous tumor of the kidney, a gangrenous gallbladder, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, lung cancer, osteomyelitis of the spine, etc. You get the picture. Do no harm.

Dr. Michael S. Horney is a chiropractor based out of  East Setauket, NY


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