What to expect on your first visit to a Chiropractor

What to expect on your first visit to a Prescription Chiropractic member doctor.

Dr. Philip Facquet – Smithtown NY

Many people are nervous the first time they see a new doctor. This article’s goal is to help you understand the process of how our doctors decide if they can be of help to you – so relax and welcome to Prescription Chiropractic.

Your first visit will start with the completion of all necessary and mandated forms concerning your condition and health history. I advise my patients to take this step seriously and be prepared. So bring your glasses if you need them and bring all of your records.

Dates when the complaint or injury started, if it happened at work or as the result of an accident is important.  You will be asked questions about your pain or symptoms like did it come on gradually or was it sudden?  What makes it feel better and what makes it feel worse will be discussed. You will be asked detailed questions about what the pain feels like to you. If your condition is constant or does it come and go. They will want to know in detail what treatments you have tried and the results you have experienced. This will help them to focus your physical examination and may support the need for additional testing.

Remember our doctors will review all of your health records so bringing a list of your medications, those that you are allergic to, and the names and addresses of all doctors, you are treating with now or have treated with, will speed things up for you. Questions will be asked about your smoking habits and alcohol use and well as your family’s health history. Of course, bring any blood work or radiology results with you. If you have the radiology films bring those too.  A better and more complete health record helps your doctor to reach a more accurate diagnosis. After completion of the forms, the doctor will review the records and may ask you additional questions to complete your history.

Next, comes the physical exam. Nothing will be a surprise to you and our doctors will explain what they are doing and why it is necessary. The exam will include getting your height and weight, pulse and blood pressure readings. They will test and may measure your range of motion, check your reflexes, test muscle strength, and observe your posture for distortions. They will touch and carefully examine the injured and related areas of your complaint.  Orthopedic and neurological tests will then be performed, as needed, to help figure out the cause and where your complaints are coming from.

Next, the doctor may order additional testing if necessary.  X-rays, MRI’s, CAT scans, or blood and urine studies may be of diagnostic value.

Now it’s time to put this all together. Your health history, results of your physical examination and radiological studies will help the doctor to arrive at a diagnosis. If the doctor feels that they can help you they will tell you and if not they will refer to a specialist than can.  Sometimes it may take a team approach to meet your goals and our doctors will work with other specialists to help get you well.

If treatment is appropriate for your condition the doctor will explain what and how they plan to take care of you; as well as other options for treating your condition. The doctor will discuss any of your concerns and risks of treatment before beginning care. The doctor will also explain how chiropractic techniques can help your condition and enhance normal joint motion and eventually decrease your symptoms. Like all physical medicine, you may have to go often to get more lasting results. Your doctor of chiropractic may also give dietary advice and make exercise recommendations to support your recovery and to improve your health. Sometimes supports or braces will be recommended to help in your case too.

Chiropractic is effective conservative care and most patients are very happy and satisfied with our care and results. Again I want to welcome you to Prescription Chiropractic and may your personal health goals be met.   


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