Daily Stretching- Who Needs It?

Dr. Philip A. Facquet III, Chiropractor in Smithtown, NY

You need it, I need it, and we all need it! So enjoy this short read and then get up stretch and go for a walk. But doc I am in pain! We will get to that. If you are not injured and are a competitive athlete see you soon. If you are a yoga practitioner and doing well find a chiropractor to put on your healthcare team – I hope it’s me. If you are at your computer desk click on the four links below and have some fun stretching with Dr. Kirk.

Athletes of all levels understand the need for and the feel of this important part of their training program. It is natural to stretch out and everyone does it naturally at some point during their day. However, most (over eighty percent according to the CDC in 2013) Americans are not athletic at all and do not get the exercise needed on a daily basis and this includes stretching. Although it is reported in a 2016 Forbes magazine article that there are 36 million Americans practicing Yoga on a daily basis and that number is growing according to my friend and Yoga Instructor Hayley Winter. Considering in 2015 census there were 321,605,012 of us living in these United States that leaves about 90% of us not stretching.

Enter the doctor visit. I know that no two patients are the same and no two humans experience pain in the same way. From the statistics above and observation of everyone around me, most people are coming into my office that does not stretch or exercise on a regular basis. No, we see patients of every age and with a variety of joint issues and in different states of degeneration. Some have osteoporosis Many have had a variety of spinal joint surgeries. Some are even addicted to prescription drugs. So we all start the process of trying to help you by collecting some information about your present, social, past and family medical health history. We listen to you and ask a question about your complaint and finally examine you. Maybe some x-rays are needed. Maybe you bring in your MRI or CAT scans.

The bottom line is something is not moving well or hurts you when you do move. Normalization of the biomechanics of a spinal segment or any injured joint is important in achieving complete recovery. So as you chiropractor we find those stuck joints and help create movement in them again if we can. As you heal, depending on your general health condition, stretching and movement exercises appropriate for you and your condition will be given. The more you practice them the better results you may have. As the pain decreases the focus becomes on the injured joint returning to full non-painful movement. During that process, you will be directed in some appropriate stretches to help support the process. Next, some strengthening exercises will be added. Aerobic conditioning is added probably starting with a daily walk. Remember to follow directions and your treatment schedule. Your work at home, by doing the prescribed exercises and stretches, will help you to achieve your healthcare goals.

At Prescription Chiropractic we understand the history of our profession’s alignment with a non-drug approach to health and healing especially in the management of your family’s acute, subacute back, neck, and neuro-musculoskeletal pains. We work with other members of your health care team to get the best results for you and help you to regain flexibility. Our doctors are well trained and educated to deliver non-pharmaceutical pain management options to support your health care goals. Relax you have made a good choice in starting your care with a Prescription Chiropractic’s hospital affiliated doctors.

For more information or to have Dr. Facquet speak to your organization about this topic please contact him at DrFacquet@optonline.net.


Dr. Philip A. Faquet is a chiropractor based out of  Smithtown, NY


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