How Chiropractors Can Help With Neck Pain

Philip A. Facquet III, DC – Practices in Smithtown NY

The short answer is chiropractor’s find the problem joints within your neck and help them to move more freely. Over time your symptoms can decrease along with proper healing.

Our necks are made up of seven small vertebrae stacked on top of one another. Your skull sits on top of this column of bone. A large hole in the bottom of your skull, which centers over the hole running down the length of your spine, is how your brain and spinal cord are connected to each other and to each and every cell in your body.

The movement ability of our necks is remarkable considering that our heads weigh over twelve pounds and that same structure houses your spinal cord with existing spinal nerves from between the vertebrae. Neck movements are easy and without restriction until the muscles or ligaments are damaged.

Common ways to damage your spine is tumbles and falls during childhood, injuries, accidents, or even as we age. Daily life, prolonged sitting, excessive use of cell phones and car crashes can all cause problems in our necks. Some injuries happen because of sports and some just because of getting older and when osteoarthritis sets in. The points where the nerves come out of the spine, because of degeneration or disc pressure, can get smaller and start to compress the nerve roots which lead to your symptoms. Degenerative disc disease can decrease the height between your vertebrae and the disc material can squeeze and affect the nervous system too.

Your Suffolk County Doctor of Chiropractic will gain an understanding the nature of your complaint through your history, physical and neurological examination. So to help you get well, the doctors will want to know when and how the pain started and if the pain radiates into your arms or hands or face. They will ask you what you have done to try to help decrease your pain and what you have found that makes it better or worse. Your posture and how you move will be evaluated. Reflexes will be checked as well as your strength. Your neck will be palpated and painful areas, muscle spasms and abnormally moving segments are located. This information combined with radiographic or electrodiagnostic testing results will help establish a diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan specific to you will be recommended. During the care plan is where our doctors start to help those abnormal joints move freely again.

Treatments include spinal adjustments, which gently return motion to a fixated joint. Most patients enjoy this process and find increased and easier motion following a course of manipulation. Some doctors do this procedure with instruments whereas most use their hands to deliver an adjustment; the purpose is the same and that is to restore motion between the joints. Other conservative treatments, physical therapy and specific exercises are given as well to support your recovery. Most research finds this type of conservative treatment to help and to have “high-quality” benefits especially in those with chronic neck pain.

Rest easy because if our doctors find something that our conservative methods of care cannot help they will refer you to someone that can. Remember you have to participate in your own healing –so follow directions as well as your care plan. Do your exercises as directed and avoid the activities that aggravate your condition while it heals

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