Chiropractic: Why Choose Conservative Care First?

Dr. Philip A. Facquet, DC Smithtown Chiropractor

A great question with an easy answer. We will explore this topic together.

People self-treat daily without professional supervision. Haven’t you? We all do.  When symptoms last or become more severe, we seek the advice and care of licensed health care providers. Usually we begin with a primary care provider whom may directly provide care or recommend others like specialists, to provide treatment. Conservative treatments are those that attempt to avoid more aggressive medical treatments, addictive medications or operative procedures. Chiropractic care is patient centered conservative care.

Consider spinal pain: Costing over $100 billion per year and affecting 80% of the population with diagnosis of non-specific lower back pain. Studies find that following established guidelines provides care at a lower costs and with better functional outcomes. For instance it is found that non-pharmacologic treatment for acute lower back pain, spinal manipulation, is effective and a proven treatment. In cases of chronic or subacute lower back pain again spinal manipulation as part of a care plan has been demonstrated to be of high value. In other studies, chiropractic adjustments has been found to provide superior or equal short, intermediate, and long-term results when compared with other modalities. It even has the bonus of quicker results, fewer side effects and longer lasting relief when compared to prescription medications.

In 2012, a Washington State study about back pain and surgeries found that what type of provider you started with determines surgery frequency. If you start care for lower back pain with a surgeon you had a 42.7% chance. If you started with a chiropractor you had a 1.5% chance of surgery. We all realize and research proves that surgery does not always have optimal results; however, sometimes it is necessary.

Medication risks. Drug overdose from prescription pain medications have more than tripled since 1990 and in 2015 the CDC has associated deaths with this class of drug at up to 72%. Opioids addiction is driving the national epidemic of accidental death in the US according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. They further state the in 2015 drug overdose was the leading cause of accidental death in the US.   

Manipulation, also known as the chiropractic adjustment, has been supported by most published guidelines; however, most primary MD’s do not follow recommendations. Why you ask? Most often your provider’s bias may cause them to not follow their own established researched guidelines. So often they may skip over a proven conservative care option that may have helped you.

There are more than 200 treatment options that are conservative in nature and are offered by over 31 different health care providers according to a research paper published in Spine. So it might get confusing until we return to the published support of chiropractic care.

The research for spinal manipulation, an adjustment, finds higher patient satisfaction when the procedure is done by a DC. Suffolk County Chiropractors have the most specific training and are the most skilled. It is effective and proven. Blue Cross Blue Shield found paid costs of an episode of care were less when started with a chiropractor. Many insurance carriers, from Workers’ Compensation to Medicare have written about conservative care delivered by a chiropractor as effective. Safety – considering that adverse reactions to medical care in the US may cause 225,000 deaths per year (JAMA 284(4): 483-5) chiropractic is extremely safe in comparison with fewer than 2.68 adverse events per 10 million procedures.

So the answer to our question is that conservative treatment, or care, by a Suffolk County Chiropractor is patient centered care with better outcomes, lower costs, higher satisfaction and safety. A Doctor of Chiropractic as part of your health care team can deliver care that helps avoid unnecessary diagnostic testing, prescriptions, injections and surgical interventions. Think about the fact that where you start care does make a difference to you, your family and our whole health care system.  

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