Neck Pain Treatment Option

Neck Pain Treatment Option Having pain in your neck can become extremely uncomfortable and it may even prevent you from completing normal, everyday activities. It is very rare that neck pain is indicative of a more serious issue, but regardless, it can be uncomfortable and it should be treated in order for you to return [...]

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Why Gardening Doesn’t Have to Give You Lower Back Pain

Gardening is something many people do to get outside and relax.  However, this stress reducing activity can be anything but when lower back pain becomes involved.  Your favorite activity can become nothing but painful and infuriating, but it doesn’t have to be like this.  If you see a chiropractor in Ronkonkoma through Prescription Chiropractic, you [...]

The benefits of chiropractic care for pain management

Dr. David J. Rogers is a Huntington NY chiropractor Patients who experience pain are often torn between finding relief and worrying about the potential addiction, and the detrimental side-effects of pain management medications – including, but not limited to opioids like oxycodone and hydrocodone. Chiropractic care has always utilized an NON-DRUG approach to patient care, [...]

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Posture and Chiropractic Care

Michael S. Horney, DC is a East Setauket Chiropractor Listen to your Mother; Your mother always told you to stand up straight, didn’t she? Well she was right, stand up straight! What does that mean? Well, looking at you from back to front, your shoulders should be down with your shoulder blades slightly squeezed together. Your [...]

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Chiropractic: Why Choose Conservative Care First?

Dr. Philip A. Facquet, DC Smithtown Chiropractor A great question with an easy answer. We will explore this topic together. People self-treat daily without professional supervision. Haven’t you? We all do.  When symptoms last or become more severe, we seek the advice and care of licensed health care providers. Usually we begin with a primary [...]

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What To Expect At Your First Visit To A Chiropractor

Gregory Thomaier DC CCSP, St. James Chiropractor Upon entering a Suffolk County chiropractic office for your first visit, you will typically be requested to fill out an initial intake form.  This form is intended to provide the office with your complete health history and description of your present condition. After your forms have been completed, [...]

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