Whiplash And Chiropractic Care

Did you recently suffer from whiplash and are seeking chiropractic care? At Prescription Chiropractic, we can provide with a chiropractor in Suffolk County to help with any neck pain you might have from your whiplash. Whiplash can be painful, knowing the symptoms is important. Usually developing within the first 24 hours of the injury, you [...]

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How Do I Prevent Neck Pain?

Most people have experienced some neck pain at some point. At Prescription Chiropractic, our directory of the best chiropractors in Suffolk County can show you how to treat and prevent neck pain. Neck Pain From Sleeping If you experience neck pain from sleeping, try a new pillow. Having the right pillow can make a major [...]

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Children and Chiropractic

Dr. Philip A. Facquet III, Practices in Smithtown NY Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) do recommend care for infants and children when clinically needed, and I hope that does not come as a surprise to any of you. Consider that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that chiropractic care was the most common [...]

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First, Do No Harm, Primum non nocere

Dr. Michael S. Horney DC is an East Setauket Chiropractor  Okay, so you go to your chiropractor’s office. What do they do? They take a thorough history, they listen to you, and they talk with you. They want to understand what brings you to the office. They want to make sure Chiropractic Care is the [...]

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Chiropractic Education

Dr. Philip A. Facquet III, Chiropractor Smithtown, NY Welcome to Prescription Chiropractic’s website. Today we will discuss Chiropractic education. The educational process to become a DC takes some time and commitment. First the undergraduate work and then four years in the professional program. Then a series of National Boards and state examinations. Practicing doctors continue [...]

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What is Spinal Manipulation?

Philip A. Facquet, DC , Smithtown Chiropractor Much has been written about the subject of spinal manipulation so hopefully a few more words will not hurt. Spinal manipulation refers to the process of moving a joint in your spine that is not moving correctly or one that is causing issues with your nerves.   Joint manipulation [...]

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